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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still learning

Well I am still trying to work out how to set this darn thing up...LOL and Sharon seems to have gone out..... so no help on hand...LOL

But I will master it.. I tell you... I will win, come out on top.. very brave words I know. But it still early in the year and I am really enthused remember...LOL

Just have to tell you all what happened to us..... It has been raining here so that is good, very good... so in our wisdom yesterday seeing as it was overcast and raining we decided to empty out our water tank and clean it out so it could be filled with fresh clean rain water.... Yep you guessed it as soon as we had emptied the tank the sky became blue and sunny...LOL And what a job it was too, four frogs later and not much slush at all we now have a very clean water tank.. but alas it is empty...LOL The scary part is we do not have town water, we survive on rain water for drinking and cooking. We do have what we call the chook tank.. the one that is full of holes and we use to give the chooks a drink... So we have about three rings of water left in it.. so everyone rain dances please...LOL Weather bureau said that it would be raining all week.. should of known not to believe them...LOL

I have a ton of work to do today.. some samples to finish and send off, some new designs that I have just put to paper have to be now taken to the next step. Some pixeling to be done and more website work. So this is it for me for the time being.. off to get stuck into it all.....


Sew Prim Khris said...

Well excuse me but am I just a dumb blonde who can't help?

Sharon-NZ said...

Whoops sorry had a was out of action this morning LOL.. looks good Cath way to go..


Karen Mallory said...

Hey Cath! You will do great. It looks good now!! I just clicked on stuff to learn where everything was. LOL
Love the kitty and mouse!!
hugs Karen

Raggedy Rambles said...

Welcome to Blogland Cath, and if you want any water, just come and get some of ours. We have far more than we need at the moment.

Tommelot said...

Cath, if you can build your own website, you certainly can start a blog. Even I can do it. It is looking great.