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Friday, October 3, 2014

I am Back.......

Hi Everyone... Here I am at long last. We have had, [no other word for it] but a SHIT of a year so far. As most will know we lost our only son in a horrific car accident in late March. Since then I have been so out of it... I just haven't felt like doing anything. The only things that have kept me same is photography and reading. That is all I have done all day long every day. That is until a week and a half ago... All of a sudden I am back crafting again.

I will pop up some photos soon...... Before that terrible morning March 27th... I had finished and sent off some items to the magazines and most have appeared in Country Threads and Handmade throughout the year.

Here are some of my photography shots taken during this time.

Too numerous to tell you what I have read... but I can tell you my Samsung Galaxy Tab3 is the best investment I have ever made.......I love it.. so easy to download and just read away...... That is what I am about to go off and do again now... so until I take some craft photos....... I will say have fun and chat again soon......