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Thursday, January 15, 2015

I know... where have I been..???????

I have made up my mind that I will get back into it all this year.  We are off to St George to collect our grandees for just over a week so I will be pretty much tied up until the end of the month. We are heading over to Straddie and we are going to scatter Luke's ashes at the end of the month. This is the first time his wife has been able to do this as they are back in OZ to clean out their house. Cath and the kids now live in NZ. Then to end it all off before they return back to NZ we are heading to Sea World for Luke's youngest daughter's birthday. We are going to make this as happy a time as we can. Time for us all to move on as best we can.

Hubby and I are still enjoying being in the camera club. Hubby did pretty well last year in the club competitions... I never won anything...LOL But Hubby has a new camera and I have inherited his old one. Darn I don't know what I am doing wrong.... Santa bought him another new camera and I just get his old one...LOL Twice now this has happened... LOL I will just have to put more of an effort into it this year and see if I can improve... I have a better camera so no excuses......!!!!!

Here are some of the shots I took last year...

This is a group shot of most of our club at our end of year breakup for 2014.

This is a shot of hubby and I at the break up. We had a fantastic time.

Ok I am off here now.. have to do some more darn housework......