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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new year a new beginning.

This is my first voyage into blogland. Like I need more to do in the day. Not enough hours for me now. LOL But here I am anyway, full of enthusiasim and ready to take on the world. Wonder how long it will last.

Hubby and I are very into crafts. We make a wide selection of craft items which we sell through our website ..We also stock and sell patterns and craft supplies. I have the full pattern range from Angels in Disguise as I am one of the owners. And I have a selection of Annie Smith's adorable raggedy patterns. Plus I am starting to add some of Hatched and Patched patterns as well.

I am at the moment designing a new website for Cathron Country Designs. I love this kind of work and have designed all the pixel drawings myself for this one. I have also just finished making a new website for Angels in Disguise. This will hopefully be up and running n a few days.
here is my lower banner...

Another new venture that I am about to embark on is an online doll class. I was starting this last year but die to a death in the family and other family happenings i was unable to get this to happen. But for those of you who have booked it... woo hoo it will start at the end of this month.... This is the cutie we will be making. The second pic is her little pet or is it her lunch box....?????

Well it is breaky time here for me so I am off out to cook the usual. Bacon , poached eggs, tomatoes and toast.... Oh and my first cuppa of the day... How I love this one.

I will catch up with everyone again later on.. have fun...


Lissa Jane said...


I love your cat!!! she's soo cute, and her lunch cage is cute too.. :O)


Vickie said...

yeah way too go Cath...aww poor wittle mouse all caged up...
cheers Vickie