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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lorraine's Birthday.

Yesterday saw me once again at my friend Jan's place for the Thursday get together. I usually can only stay until lunch time. But yesterday was a special day it was Lorraine's birthday, so we had a yummy BBQ lunch. Thank you Ross for doing the BBQing for us.

Lorraine, Nicola, Jan and I were there. Judy did pop in for a quick visit to drop off Lorraine's pressie and to cut my hair. I feel so much better no hair touching my face or neck. Drives me nuts.

Here are a couple of pics of the girls.
Jan who is listening to something that Lorraine is saying. I must add Lorraine keeps us entertained with her stories... The second photo is Nicola.

 And now we have the birthday girl herself.
 What do we usually do at Jan's on Thursdays... some kind of stitching and to prove that this does happen, here is a shot of Lorraine working on a couple of jewelery bags that she is making. They are gorgeous and I should of gotten a close up of them.....
 Here is the basket I made for Lorraine to bring all her work to and from Jan's place in. I made it from 2 large T Towels that I got at Aldi... I love that shop....LOL Old doley on the front. Lorraine loves purple and then green is her next favourite colour. OK I know not purple and green on the T Towels. But when I found them at home I thought the dark stripes were purple... Not even close. Maybe I need to go and have my eyes checked again.......
Inside the basket is just plain, no pockets etc as it really is for Lorraine to just grab all of her stuff, throw it in the basket and then over the shoulder and be off. It worked too, everything fitted into it. You will notice that it stands on it's own. I used fast to fuse interfacing in it. After awhile it does tend to soften a little so we will have to see if it still manages to stand when that happens.

I am off here now as I have some more stitching to finish on the last of the stitchery sets I am working on at the moment. Then I will be sewing them into something. But that may be a couple of weeks away as I have a quilt show coming up in Boonah in a couple of weeks time and I have a few things to get ready for that. Things to paint and fabric to cut and fold.

Have fun everyone......

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