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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another new pattern.

So far I am still on track with my new year's resolutions. I am updating more often and writing patterns. I do not care that it is only day 4... it still counts...LOL

Later this morning I will draw new stitcheries to fabric and then this afternoon I will start stitching.

This is my latest pattern. It is called I love Raggedies.

E pattern is $7
Hard copy is $12    free postage.

Just e mail me if you would like to purchase either of the new patterns. My other new pattern is in the previous post.

Everyone loves Santa pics at Chrissy time... I am no exception... but I really do think I had the most gorgeous santa ever.......

Our Little Santa cut his first tooth on Christmas day and has since bitten both Mum and Dad.

This is how Poppy was woken up on Christmas morning. You can just see our little Santa's mind thinking where in hell is my one of these..???????

I love this pic of Xavier taken while we were at our daughter's for Christmas....

Well I am off to start to get the stitcheries onto fabric....
Have fun everyone........

1 comment:

marina said...

New Year's resolutions count one day at a time, so definitely 4 days count.
Your little santa is way too cute.